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RPICoin is an open- source cryptocurrency created in 2018, based on the Bitcoin protocol. RPI is a proof-of-stake (PoS) only currency and therefore more energy efficient than proof-of-work (PoW) based currencies. Our vision is to provide an easy to use, fast and mobile supported staking features. Staking on devices such as: Android, BananaPi, SmartTV's, RaspberryPI and many other ARM- based devices..

Passive income PoS

Create a passive- income by Staking coins, (mobile devices supported soon) RPI is more energy efficient than currencies based on Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithms.

Transaction Speed

Send and Receive coins easy and fast, transaction speed up to 50x faster than Bitcoin! Always have a fully- synced mobile wallet in your pocket to perform easy and quick transactions..

Mobile staking

Stake your wallet right in your pocket. No high end hardware, no datacenters. Just you and your phone. Android wallet will be announced soon.

technical specs

RPICoin Specifications

RPI is a 100% Proof of Stake (PoS) Coin, based on the Bitcoin & Blackcoin source. The first 150 Blocks have been mined to start the staking process

  • Algo: Scrypt.
  • Type: PoS 3.0.
  • Max Supply: 5.999.991.337 RPI.
  • Premine: 10% 663 Million RPI.
  • Coin Maturing: 4 Hours.
  • Fixed Stake Reward: 300RPI.
  • PoS Reward: 45% Annual.
  • TX Fee: 0.0001 RPI.
  • Last PoW Block: 150.

Developers Blog

To achieve our goals it is very important that the community is up to date with major changes in the algorithm. Our developers are happy to assist you in the progress with our monthly write-ups.

Developers update #3

We posted the 3rd official RPICoin developers update on Medium!.

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Developers update #2

Welcome to the second official RPICoin developers blogpost!

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Developers update #1

Here we explain some of the first hurdles we had to take in order to make it all work.

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How it Works

Download and Install the RPICoin wallet for your device, in order to start staking you need to have RPI Coins stored in your wallet. You can get your RPI at one of the listed exchanges and participate daily in our lottery and get lucky!

Encrypt your wallet

In order to secure your wallet and to be able to start staking, you need to encrypt your wallet with a secure password..

Unlock wallet

Open and unlock your wallet to start Staking! IMPORTANT: If you don't unlock your wallet, you WONT receive any stakes.

Buy or Sell Orders

Currently we are looking into Exchange listings (soon).


The RPI core team has released the roadmap for the upcoming months. For the most recent news make sure to join our Telegram channel and our monthly blog posts.

RPI Roadmap

How to get RPI?

We are listed on crypto-bridge.org Stocks.Exchange and Altilly.com!

Buy now on Stocks.ExchangeRPI/BTC
or join one of our lotterys in the Telegram chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get started with RPICoin within a couple of minutes, download and install the RPI wallet. Currently the following Operating Systems are supported (Windows - OSX - Linux - RaspberryPi. The Android RPI Wallet is still in development.

You can earn RPI by doing Bounties, participate in Airdrops or the Daily Lottery. Join the RPI Telegram Channel for more information. If you wish to invest in RPI and start staking, you can easily trade RPI on one of the exchanges.

First of all you need to have funds in your wallet (note: make sure you create a backup of the wallet.dat file). In order to start the staking process you need to Encrypt your wallet with a password and leave the wallet open 24/7 unlocked